Are Birkenstocks really back in?!


For some reason, every time someone mentions Birkenstocks, my mind travels back to 2008 when that’s all my mom and aunts would wear for shoes. They always talked about type of Birkenstocks were on sale and which are the most comfortable walking shoes. Now at the time, I thought they were probably one of the ugliest pair of shoes to ever exist. Now, with celebrities like Mary-Kate and Ashley, one of fashion’s leading stars, have been spotted walking around in them, I have began to take a liking for them. Now of course you have to pair them with a nice outfit and dress them up a bit, but I really believe that this is one of the many new trends of 2014 in the fashion world.
Well, now that you know my opinion, what’s yours? Comment down below what you think of Birkenstocks becoming the new shoe trend!


Welcome to my blog, Vogue Couture!


Hi! I’m Kate, a fourteen year old aspiring fashion designer. I have always had an interest in fashion and I hope to share that interest with you! I feel that fashion is a way to express yourself, (I know, very cliché) in a visual way. I wanted to make this blog because what better way to get started in, what I hope, to be my fashion career!

On my blog, I’ll post about street style, the latest fashion on the runway, make-up tips or reviews (Doesn’t have to do with fashion but hey, who doesn’t like a little make-up talk?!), and much, much, more! I will also post some of my designs that I hope I can get feedback from you on!

Thank you for taking an interest in my blog and I hope that I can inspire you to take a liking for fashion if not already, and to enjoy my posts! If you have any questions you can contact me at: . Enjoy!